Teacher: Too many questions to bring back all students safely (Commentary)

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By Joseph M. Bennett | SCSD physics teacher

Joseph M. Bennett, of Syracuse, is a physics teacher in the Syracuse City School District and a Democratic Party candidate for Onondaga County legislator in the 15th District.

In response to your editorial “Remote school is crushing our kids. Reopen the schools” (Feb. 21, 2021):

The reopening of schools during this pandemic has been a considerable debate since the beginning of this school year. There’s no doubt that students are struggling from isolation and mental health issues; we all are. However, students have been dealing with increasing mental health issues, homelessness and extreme poverty for years. Depression and anxiety among children have been on the rise for some time. It seems only now people are concerned about these issues and think that the solution is bringing all students back to school during a deadly pandemic. What will happen to students’ mental health when a family, friend, or fellow student passes from Covid-19?

Read the complete op-ed at Syracuse.com.

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