The Primary Elections: Winning One, Coming Up Short on Another

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Syracuse DSA and democratic socialism has announced itself to Onondaga County and the City. 

We helped Syracuse City School District Board candidate, our ally, Twiggy Billue, win a seat – a huge victory, one that prioritizes the safety of our children. In tireless solidarity with our inspired socialist comrade Joe Bennett, our chapter found five hundred forty voters to back him for the Onondaga County Legislature. Unfortunately, the tired career incumbent found 158 more.

We helped win one, we came up just short on our own. We built power, multiracial ties, community knowledge, and chapter strength. We used the opportunity to talk about educating our youth, housing as a human right, and the urgent need for publicly-owned and controlled energy systems. We also learned a tremendous amount, met one another, power mapped our home turf, and had fun!

All power to the people!


* In the coming weeks, we will share a full and detailed report on our Chapter’s recent electoral work.

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