Solidarity with Buffalo

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Our condolences to all who were close to Roberta Drury and all the others murdered by the white supremacist at a Buffalo grocery store. The attack on the Black community of Buffalo is horrific.

We must oppose the spread of racist ideas, racist conspiracy theories, racist myths of history, and the implementation of racist political and economic policies, which all reinforce each other. Whether the killer technically acted alone or not, he was taught and supported by large sections of the US and global political spectrum. We must elevate movements that empower and unite people of the multiracial working class and build relationships of solidarity, especially those targeted by the Right, such as Black and Brown communities, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, and women.

Please support by donating to mutual aid and mental health support efforts organized by Black Love Resists in the Rust in Buffalo who are partnering with community organizations to link people to and pay for ongoing mental health services.

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