Don’t Let Bitcoin Mining Ruin Seneca Lake

This article and photo appeared as a Letter to the Editor in on August 4th, 2021. Bitcoin has come to the Finger Lakes, and the results are potentially disastrous. Globally, Bitcoin’s yearly energy usage is higher than the country of Colombia’s, a staggering fact given that Bitcoin’s main use is as a speculative investment

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Climate Doom Won’t Save the Planet

In a recent Jacobin post, SyracusedDSA’s Matt Huber argues that “we should seek to orient climate action around the everyday material realities of the working class — the vast majority of society.” And that this “could build something the climate movement still lacks: a majoritarian political coalition with the power to confront fossil capital.” Read

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The Primary Elections: Winning One, Coming Up Short on Another

Syracuse DSA and democratic socialism has announced itself to Onondaga County and the City.  We helped Syracuse City School District Board candidate, our ally, Twiggy Billue, win a seat – a huge victory, one that prioritizes the safety of our children. In tireless solidarity with our inspired socialist comrade Joe Bennett, our chapter found five

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Compel Landlords to Clean Up Lead

By Joseph M. Bennett | SCSD physics teacher Joseph M. Bennett, of Syracuse, is a physics teacher in the Syracuse City School District and a Democratic Party candidate for Onondaga County legislator in the 15th District. To the Editor: As a longtime Onondaga County resident, it is disheartening to see that so many of our

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Nikeeta Slade

We are in shock at the news of the passing of Nikeeta Slade, a founding member of Black Lives Matter Syracuse, former organizer with the Workers’ Center of CNY, co-host of Queer WOC podcast, and long time socialist. She was a proud Black, queer socialist-feminist organizer and thinker who made Syracuse her home for most

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In Support of the People of Colombia

Syracuse DSA Solidarity Statement, May 7, 2021 The Democratic Socialists of America Syracuse chapter stands in solidarity with thepeople protesting and striking in Colombia and suffering under the hands of anoppressive government and, especially, a repressive police force. The unprecedented protests that started on April 28 against a regressive tax reform billeventually led to its

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In Support of the People of Myanmar (Burma)

Syracuse DSA Solidarity Statement, March 16, 2021 After decades under the thumb of a brutal military dictatorship, the people of Myanmar (Burma) are saying no to dictatorship, kleptocracy and forever war.  We, the Democratic Socialists of America Syracuse Chapter and friends and allies, stand in solidarity with our siblings and comrades striking and protesting in

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Joe Bennett speaking at a press conference to tax the rich

Tax the Rich Coverage

For a detailed look at what our state-wide Tax the Rich campaign looks like, check out this great article from the Indypendent (NYC). Thank you to the Indypendent for your coverage!


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