We are actively organizing to build our community and working-class power.


Public Power

We’re organizing for a publicly-owned and democratically run energy system.

COVID-19 Kits

The Mutual Aid Committee is producing and distributing COVID-19 Safety Kits.

Medicare for All!

[Page coming soon.]

Green New Deal

[Page coming soon.]

Lead-Free Homes

We’re changing Syracuse by campaigning for a lead-free homes and workplaces. [Page coming soon.]

Tax the Rich!

Join our campaign to pass a fair and just budget for the State of New York.


Join Syracuse Tenants Organizing for Power! Coalition to protect tenants from no-fault evictions, grant tenants the right to renew their lease and limit rent increases to 5% per year!

Humans make their own history, but they do not make it as they please.

Karl Marx