Good Cause Eviction for Syracuse NY

What is it?
Good Cause Eviction is a STOP! Coalition campaign/ordinance that would protect tenants from no-fault evictions, grant tenants the right to renew their lease and limit rent increases to 5% per year.

Why do we need it?
Through canvassing more than 1,500 homes since March 2021, we’ve learned that tenants across Syracuse experience persistent substandard and unsafe living conditions, from lead exposure to a lack of heat and electricity. However, when tenants attempt to address these problems by seeking repairs or contacting code enforcement, they are often evicted as a result. The map on the right is from the white paper Evicting Syracuse During COVID – A Good Cause Eviction Ordinance Is Common Sense, which serves as justification for this ordinance and outlines the overlap between code violations and eviction proceedings in Syracuse. From the data presented, it is clear that measures that empower tenants relative to landlords – i.e. those that protect the tenant’s right to renew leases, report and mitigate code violations, and that incentivize landlords to maintain the properties to which they hold title – are likely to alleviate neighborhood-level concerns.

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