Tax the Rich!

Syracuse DSA supports the Invest in Our New York Act, a package of bills aimed at creating a more just state budget by taxing the wealthiest New Yorkers.


New York is one of the most unequal states in the country, and the working class bears the weight of public disinvestment, crumbling infrastructure, and unequal healthcare disproportionately. It is time to create a state budget and economy that works for all of us.


Our elected leaders in Albany must move New York towards a more equal economy by taxing high earners and investing those funds into public services. The Invest in Our New York Act is a package of six bills that will more fairly tax income, wealth, investments, inheritance, and financial transactions. For more information visit


Call your legislators and demand that they support these bills! Then, join us for campaign events, like phonebanking, to connect voters to their representatives as well.