Labor Research Working Group

Labor Committee members greet Onondaga County DCFS workers on a cold morning to show them that the community supports them and their organizing.

Our Mission

The Syracuse DSA Labor Committee’s mission is to empower workers to connect with other individuals, working or unemployed, to make our workplaces and government more democratic. Workers should feel a sense of shared community, be comfortable voicing their opinions, and leaders should address workers’ concerns properly. We strive to empower workers to build collective power through solidarity to guarantee everyone is respected and treated with dignity.

Our Campaigns

  • A solidarity campaign with the workers at the Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services (past)
  • Organizing as a part of national DSA campaigns for the PRO Act and the Green New Deal for Public Schools
  • Educating, encouraging, and supporting Syracuse DSA members as they organize in their workplaces