Steering Committee Candidates

During a Chapter Convention, the Steering Committee Officers for the 2022-2023 term will be voted on! The nominees who receive two unique nominations from chapter members and accept will be candidates on the online ballot from Monday, January 3 to Sunday, January 9. They will give statements at a town hall session at the convention on Saturday, January 8.

To make a nomination, please use this form by Wednesday, December 15.

To join our AMA Candidates chat, please join at this link

If you have any questions please reach out to and

Please consider the following information before you proceed:

  • Only members in good standing can nominate (this means those who have become official DSA members, to become a member click here, to check your membership status click here)
  • Only members in good standing can run as candidates and accept nominations
  • Only members in good standing will be able to vote on the final candidates
  • Each member needs at least 2 nominations to run for any position, self-nominations are not allowed
  • Nominees have to accept their nominations and they can only run for 1 position
  • Members can nominate more than 1 person per position 
  • 4 positions are open: 2 Co-chairs, 1 treasurer, 1 secretary.
  • Once the candidates are confirmed only 1 co-chair position can be filled by one cis male. For that reason, we encourage all non-cis males to run for candidacy
  • The Steering Committee is elected for 1 year
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet the candidates during our convention (January 8th-9th)
  • Nominees who accept their nomination should send Alessandro ( or Nicole ( a short bio (up to 250 words) about themselves, why they are running, experience, any other information they esteem important (caucus/union affiliation, etc.).
  • Members can nominate candidates in case of emergency up to 5 days before the start of the convention (January 8th)
  • The elections will happen electronically and you will receive a link on January 3rd